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About Grayslake, IL

Grayslake is a beautiful village located in Lake County, Illinois. It is about 14 miles west of Lake Michigan, 40 miles north of Chicago, and 15 miles south of the border of Wisconsin. With a median family income of close to $100,000, Grayslake is an affluent village that offers many great public services. Grayslake has an average population for a village with around 20,000 inhabitants. Grayslake is well known to be an excellent place to live, visit, and raise a family.

Before the first settlers arrived in this area, it was home to the Potawatomi people. After the Black Hawk War of 1832, the Native Americans were forced out and the first settlers of Grayslake arrived in 1840 and began farming the lands. The first train station was built in 1886, which brought many more people to the area and fueled economic growth. In 1895, the village was incorporated.

The building of a second rail line from Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad in 1899 greatly increased the growth. In 1902, an Opera House and bowling alley were built, bringing tourists to the area as well as providing entertainment for the residents. The Grayslake Times was developed in 1905 and the Wisconsin Condensed Milk Company was developed in 1912. All of these business changes greatly accelerated the economic boom of the area and continued to bring more residents to the area.

While many major changes that brought forth prosperity and growth occurred in the distant past, some of the most dramatic growth came between 1990 and the present. During this time period, Grayslake experienced an exponential growth in its population, which rose from close to 7,000 residents to close to 21,000 residents.

Grayslake has an excellent public education system. Residents living in this area are afforded the opportunity to attend Grayslake Central, Grayslake North, or the Lake County Vocation Center for High School. Grayslake North High School has a fantastic math team, which has made it to the Illinois State Math Team Competition almost every year since 2005. Grayslake Central also has a great math team, which is a rival with Grayslake North. In 2007, Grayslake Central placed fourth in state and in 2008; they tied for second place with Grayslake North. These schools are an excellent place to send adolescents for education.

With all of the wonderful amenities offered by Grayslake including: excellent public education, a safe environment, great restaurants, plentiful shopping, and more, Grayslake is surely a wonderful place to live and raise a family. The residents of Grayslake absolutely love living there and tourists love to visit!

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