About Wheeling, IL

Wheeling is a beautiful suburb of Chicago located in Cook and Lake Counties. Wheeling is surrounded by Riverwoods towards the North, Prospect Heights to the South, Northbrook to East, and Buffalo Grove to the West. There is convenient access to downtown Chicago via Metra’s North Central Service, which makes several commutes to Antioch and Chicago daily. The Chicago Executive Airport, which is the third busiest airport in Illinois, can also be found in Wheeling as well as Prospect Heights and is run by both villages. Wheeling is not a very populous community with fewer than 40,000 residents. The median income per family in Wheeling is higher than the national average at close to $65,000 per year.

Initially, Wheeling was mostly used as a stopping point for travelers heading to Wisconsin on what is now known as Milwaukee Avenue. In the 1830’s multiple businesses were built such as inns for travelers to stay at, taverns, and places to eat. These changes greatly increased the amount of inhabitants of the area. After a long time, more and more people began to settle in Wheeling and the community was incorporated in 1894.

A more modern achievement for Wheeling which stimulated considerable population growths was the growth of Metro Chicago, which lead to Wheeling being known as a center for industry and commerce as early as the 1960’s. The increase in businesses such as manufacturing plants required additional transportation for materials and products, so more train transportation was built to go into and out of the area. Following the industrial boom in the area, which brought many more residents, houses were built as well as larger residential projects. These changes together helped to form what is known as a great place to live and raise a family as well as to do business.

The residents of Wheeling have the privilege to attend either Buffalo Grove or Wheeling High Schools. Both of which have been acknowledged consistently for academic excellence. Since 2013, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Wheeling the 817th best high school in the nation and 30th best high school in Illinois. The United States Department of Education awarded Buffalo Grove High School the 1999-200 Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence.

Today, Wheeling is flourishing community with so much to offer its residents and anyone who wants to visit the area. People love the great restaurants such as: Cooper’s Hawk, Benihana, Saranello’s, any many more fantastic places to eat. Residents also enjoy the many fun places to go to, which includes locations like: Chevy Chase Golf Club, Wheeling Aquatic Center, Wheeling Park District, and more. Wheeling is such a fun place to visit and a wonderful place to call home!

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