About Lake Forest, IL

Lake Forest is an affluent and well-known city found in Lake County and along the shore of Lake Michigan. Lake Forest is also recognized as part of the Chicago Metropolitan area and the North Shore. With less than 20,000 residents, Lake Forest is not densely populated as many people own large plots of land. Lake Forest is a very wealthy area with a median family income of close to $200,000 per year, which is four times the national average. This wealth is what helped Lake Forest maintain its landscape and retain much of its natural beauty.

Development of Lake Forest began by pioneers in the late 1850’s. Unlike much of the surrounding area, which sought to bring traffic into the area, Lake Forest laid roads that would prevent outside traffic and further isolate the area. Lake Forest was officially incorporated in 1861 primarily in support of church-related educational institutions. The design of the new city served as a source of protection for those hoping to escape the immigration influx that had been taking place in the city of Chicago. Many elites who had moved into Lake Forest found privacy and protection thanks to the isolated layout of the city.

Today, Lake Forest is still a highly sought after place to live for many reasons. Lake Forest presently maintains the visually distinctive features that separated it from the surrounding areas over a hundred years ago. While it maintains the appeal of isolation and privacy, there is convenient access to downtown and surrounding areas, via Union Pacific, Metra, and Interstate-94. Lake Forest is still economically booming as well and is home to several fortune 500 companies such as: Tenneco, Brunswick, Solo Cup, IDEX, Prestone, Pactiv, and more.

Residents of Lake Forest will have the privilege to attend Lake Forest High School, which has been recognized by The Washington Post, The New York Times, Parade Magazine, and more for its excellence in academics. In 2010, Lake Forest students had a mean composite ACT score of 26.5, which was one of the highest averages in the state. All of the great benefits offered by Lake Forest make it a spectacular place to live and raise a family because of the privacy, safety, excellent public services, beautiful environment, and so much more.

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