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About Morton Grove, IL

Just 16 miles north of Downtown Chicago, Morton Grove is one of Chicago’s popular northern suburbs, boasting a population of more than 23,000. Bordered by Golf Road on the north, Oakton St. on the south, and I-94 on the east, the Village is also bisected by busy Waukegan Road and Dempster Street. Close to the Westfield Old Orchard shopping center, Morton Grove enjoys a proliferation of high-end shops and restaurants. A farmer’s market is presented each Saturday morning June through October, often featuring local musicians as well as locally-sourced produce; the Market is proud to feature products from within 150 miles of the Village.

Morton Grove residents enjoy a high quality of life and a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, thanks in part to the area’s dedication to green spaces, enjoying tree-lined streets as well as miles of Cook County Forest Preserve trails and parks. The enormous Frank Bobrytzke Forest dominates the lower west section of the Village and includes the Miami Woods forest refuge, as well as many beautiful walking paths. A good way to tour Morton Grove and its green spaces is by bicycle, and the Morton Grove Historical Society offers a mapped bike tour of historic Village sites. Of interest might be the Poehlmann Brothers Greenhouse, once the largest floral operation in the country, which won first place for its roses at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. The Historical Museum is located in the historic Haupt-Yehl House, and offers exhibits highlighting important events in Morton Grove’s history. It’s education center provides an important research facility for local history, as well as serving as an important advocate for local conservancy.

That history includes and early popularity due to the presence of roadhouses. Morton Grove first became popular in the early part of the 20th Century for its gambling and other entertainment. As those venues attracted other businesses, the Morton Grove Chamber of Commerce & Industry was developed in 1926. With the advent of commuter trains and highways after WWII, the roadhouses dwindled. The population swelled as the Village was recognized as a great place to live and raise a family with good values yet easy access to city amenities. The Village boasts a median household income of around $91,000 and an average home value of over $333,000. Students attend highly-ranked schools, including Niles East and North High Schools in Skokie, and Maine East High School in Park Ridge.

The Village is served by an active parks department and library system, which supplement the schools with a variety of physical and educational activities for all ages, including a comprehensive health, wellness and activities program for senior citizens.

On the whole, Morton Grove is a quiet, peaceful community proud of its history and its commitment to the environment. As anyone from there will tell you, it’s a great place to live and raise a family

Kitchen Remodeling in Morton Grove, IL

The Morton Grove homeowner takes great pride in the home as a place that welcomes family and friends. The kitchen especially is a gathering place, and when it needs updating, Regency Home Remodeling is the one to call. The Morton Grove client demands top quality in both materials and workmanship, and knows that Regency Home Remodeling can be relied on to provide the best of everything, helping make that gathering space one that welcomes both cooks and kibitzers, creating more than a kitchen, but a home. To view Morton Grove Kitchen remodels, click here.

Bathroom Remodeling in Morton Grove, IL

When you have a family, your bathroom is probably the most-used room in the house. Sometimes it’s not up to the task, and that’s when Morton Grove residents know to call Regency Home Remodeling. They know that Regency will work with them to establish a design, a budget, and a time frame in which the work will be done, and done right. From tile to fixtures to accessories, Regency will recommend and provide exactly what is needed and wanted, with expert advice and on-the-nose suggestions, to make that bathroom not only on-trend, but on-the-mark for efficiency and usability. To view Morton Grove Bathroom remodels, click here.

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