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About Northbrook, IL

With a median home price at over $625,000, Northbrook enjoys the upscale reputation of such affluent neighbors as Wilmette, Highland Park, and Glencoe. But while Northbrook shares much with its Chicago northern suburb neighbors (including excellent schools, splendid homes, and a commutable distance from Chicago’s downtown), it is truly a unique village offering its own brand of excellence and variety, both of which open up a world of possibilities.

Prior to 1850, the area was mainly just a stopping place for travelers heading to Chicago. But it was home to a brickworks, and after the 1871 Chicago fire, when bricks became the preferred (nonflammable) building materials, the area boomed. In 1901, the Village was named Schermerville, after Frederick Schermer, who donated the land for the first train station. Thanks to the presence of its many saloons, Schermerville became known to be a relatively rough, rollicking town, and in 1923, its residents decided to give it the more genteel name of Northbrook, derived in part because of the Chicago River’s north branch, which flows near the Village’s eastern border.

Northbrook’s borderlines are wildly irregular, but its roadways make it easy to maneuver. At the northwest corner, Highway 94 splits into 294, which heads south, and 94 which runs east and west along the Village’s northern border before curving at the eastern edge to merge with the north-south Highway 41. The interior is riddled with major arterials, including, Waukegan Road running north and south, and Dundee and Willow Roads traversing the village east to west. A small border extension to the north runs along Lake Cook Road and encompasses the high-end Northbrook Court shopping mall.

Northbrook enjoys the distinction of being home to a variety of unusual and diverse groups and services. It’s there you’ll find the Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago, which services Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds and is active in interfaith work dedicated to promoting harmony among all faiths. Another distinctive element is the Ed Rudolph Velodrome, a cycling speed racing track operated by the Northbrook Park District. Along with hosting competitive meets, the Velodrome also trains racers and provides summer races for as many as 200 cyclists. In addition, the Village is home to the Chicago Curling Club, offering anyone the opportunity to watch league games, called bonspiels, and weekend tournaments. Visitors can also learn more about the sport at the United States Curling Museum, located within the Club, which is nationally recognized as one of the finest such facilities of its size.

Another unique and charming feature of Northbrook is its city center, which includes the beautiful Village Green, a ten-acre recreation area managed by the Park District. This unusual downtown green space provides baseball and soccer playing fields, an old-fashioned gazebo, walking paths and a playground. Utilized by little league and anchored by the Park District and Historical Museum, the Village Green is surrounded by shops and restaurants and is walking distance to the Village Hall and public library, creating a unique oasis that draws residents to enjoy and participate in their downtown events and activities. Scattered around the Village are a senior center, dog park, skate park, aquatic center, batting cages and tennis courts, as well as 22 parks on more than 500 acres, all managed by the Park District.

Northbrook is more than a fine place to live: it’s a place to find the unusual, and to love and explore life and all its possibilities..

Kitchen Remodeling in Northbrook, IL

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Northbrook residents have the highest expectations. They are used to the best, and that’s what they expect from their home remodeling company. Fortunately, Regency Home Remodeling only delivers the best. From flooring to fixtures, tub to tile, Regency makes sure every bathroom remodel is done with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring the homeowner that the job will be done right and on time, leaving a bath that is breathtakingly beautiful and will remain so for years to come. Regency understands the importance of the right bathroom, and strives to match the final product with the homeowner’s vision, assuring a dream bathroom come true. To view Northbrook Bathroom remodels, click here.

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