About Barrington, IL

The Village of Barrington claims the motto’s, “A great place to live, work, and play!” and it certainly seems to fill the bill. With a median family income over $100,000, the Barrington area zip code—60010—is the seventh wealthiest in the U.S. Yet it is the city’s old-time atmosphere that is its best feature.

Settlers began coming to the area in the early 1800’s, mainly from upper New York State, Massachusetts and Vermont. In 1854, the railroad was extended the 35 miles from downtown Chicago, and this new accessibility pushed the area’s growth and subsequent Village incorporation, which was delayed until 1865 because of the Civil War. The final boundaries ending up straddling Lake and Cook Counties, with half of the Village in each. The Village’s history can be explored at the Barrington Area Historical Society, which includes two restored Victorian houses, a barn, blacksmith, forge, and one-room schoolhouse, together known as “Old Barrington Center.”

Barrington is especially noted for its 19th Century Queen Anne, Victorian, and Victorian Gothic architecture and boasts the largest historic residential area in Illinois. Though a series of devastating files in 1890, 1893, and 1898, destroyed early buildings along Main Street and Park Avenue, many of the brick buildings that replaced them are still in use. The noted Octagon House on Main Street is on the National Register of Historical Places, and visitors to downtown will also enjoy the 1927 the 526-seat Catlow movie theater, which is also on the National Register and one of the few remaining single-screen movie theaters in the area. In fact, the historic atmosphere in Barrington is so pervasive that a 2010 remake of the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street was partially shot there to make use of the historical architecture.

It must be noted that, though it maintains its small-town roots, Barrington is actually the business hub for a number of affluent area villages, including Barrington Hills, North Barrington, South Barrington, Lake Barrington, Port Barrington, and Tower Lakes, as well as parts of other nearby towns. Though small at just over 4.8 square miles and with a population just over 10,000, Barrington’s Chamber of Commerce lists more than 750 members, including a number of automobile dealerships. The city offers excellent shopping: the Village Center boasts 117 retailers and 40 restaurants within its historic area, while the 1904 Ice House Mall, built as a dairy, now houses a variety of shops. In addition, shopping and services abound all along busy Northwest Highway.

Along with pride in its historical background, Barrington is just as proud of its commitment to the future. As a Tree City USA, Barrington has been recognized for its conservation efforts, and preserved wetlands dot the area around the village, including the 782-acre Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve just north of the Village, which includes a gravel path that allows visitors to be surrounded by and enjoy the natural beauty.

Taking it all together—past, present and future—Barrington certainly lives up to its motto, “A good place to live, work and play!”

Oh, and to visit.

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