Lincolnshire Master Bath Remodel

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Styles change, tastes change, and nowhere is that more evident than in bathroom design. This Lincolnshire bathroom was once the height of modern design but needed to reflect today’s style, so the owners asked Regency Home Remodeling to step in. The change was effected with subtlety: a change of shape, more nuanced tile, a slight shift of a shower wall. The results were stunning.

Mount Prospect Basement Bath Remodel

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Basement bathrooms are so often sad, forgotten little rooms, lacking in charm or any sense of style. These Mount Prospect homeowners wanted to update their basement bathroom, giving it a style and panache that would make it a joy to use. They came to the right place when they came to Regency Home Remodeling, and by utilizing shape, color, and top materials, they came up with a basement bathroom worthy of any floor in the house.

Jefferson Park Bathroom Remodel

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A master bathroom should reflect the owners’ style and taste, but this Chicago bath was tired and dated. The owner called Regency Home Remodeling to redo the room, making it truly worthy of the title “master bath.” Regency’s top designers and installers utilized the expertise and professionalism for which they are known and, coupled with high-end materials from top-tier providers, created a bathroom that is elegant and on-trend.


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