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If any Village has earned bragging rights, it’s Mount Prospect, Illinois, named by 2008’s Business Week as “the number one place to raise kids;” by one of Money Magazine’s “Top 50 places to Live;” and Movato Real Estate’s list of “Top 10 Best Cities in Illinois.” If you’re looking for a new home in the Chicagoland area, Mount Prospect is truly a suburb worth considering.

The Village of Mount Prospect traverses Elk Grove and Wheeling Townships in Cook County and lies just 22 miles northwest of Chicago, less than an hour away by Metra train. Bordered by the affluent suburbs of Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, and Northbrook, Mount Prospect offers a slightly more moderate environment, yet with a median family income of over $80,000, and a median home value of $217,000, Mount Prospect sits well above the Cook County or Illinois averages. With its short distance to Chicago and strong network of major street arterials, as well as its proximity to O’Hare International Airport, Mount Prospect is able to offer the best of both worlds: city conveniences and community-based comfort, both available whenever desired.

As with other villages around the Midwest, the first Mount Prospect settlers were Native Americans. As the nation expanded in the early 19th Century, European pioneers started arriving from the growing East Coast. German immigrants flocked to the area to stay, infusing it with their particular culture and traditions. With the arrival of the new railroad, the town grew to 300 people and incorporated in 1917. Along with its neighbors, Mount Prospect saw greater growth with the advent of the commuter trains after WWII. In the 1960’s the Village enjoyed the distinction of being selected as the site for the Randhurst Shopping Center, the Midwest’s first indoor, air-conditioned shopping mall. This wonder of modern commercialism helped encourage greater business development, and the Village business plan continued to grow and modernize, The 21st Century has seen enormous growth in this area, with the current population just over 54,000. In addition, the Village is served by a strong school system: Gold Medal School Prospect High ranks 11th in Illinois.

Yet despite the urban industrial grown in the area, it is peaceful livability that truly distinguishes Mount Prospect, with its wide, tree-lined streets and a huge variety of Village-sponsored activities and events. Volunteer participation in municipal decisions is encouraged, assuring a high quality of life for residents. But while the quality of life in Mount Prospect is high indeed, the Village recognizes that there are also those who need help. To that end, the Village-supported Community Connections Center provides help for those in need of government or social services. The Center also works with the library, school district 59 police department, and other village departments to provide residents advice wherever needed.

One interesting distinction of Mount Prospect is that it contains two separate park districts serving the Village. While the Mount Prospect Park District is the largest and maintains the most facilities, the River Trails Park District is a separate taxing body that once served an unincorporated area that was annexed by the Village. While the two serve different groups, they do work together, with members of both districts able to use either district’s facilities and programs for resident fees. Separately and together, both districts present an impressive array of facilities and programs covering health, fitness, and the arts.

The Village is proud of its diverse population with strong family values, its excellent school system, and its positive business climate, all of which combine to make Mount Prospect a pleasant, vibrant place to live—all of which make it home.

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