Norwood Park Bathroom Remodels

7562 W Palatine Ave, Chicago, IL 60631

About Norwood Park, Chicago

Norwood Park is one of the 77 neighborhoods of the city of Chicago. Within Norwood Parks are even smaller neighborhoods such as Norwood Park East and West, Old Norwood Park, Oriole Park, and Union Ridge. Originating in 1872, Norwood Part did not became a part of the city of Chicago until 1893. Norwood Park is widely known for the annual Memorial Day parade; which has been a local tradition for over 90 years. The Noble-Seymour Crippen House is the oldest building of Chicago that is still extant and is located in Norwood Park. This neighborhood is a very beautiful and welcoming community which makes it clear for why many people live here and others visit often.

The Subject Property

This Norwood Park home had three bathrooms that were calling for Regency’s help. In this house you would find a master bathroom, a basement bathroom, and a powder room- all of which were very outdated. The homeowners were hoping to change all of them without touching the floor plan. In order to make this possible, we would have to begin with the removal of all cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, and any subfloor that could have been damaged. Additionally, each bathroom had a very obsolete color scheme that further made them old fashioned and dated. With the help from Regency, these bathrooms had the potential to be updated in a way where each space was as efficient as possible while making them a place the homeowners enjoyed spending parts of their day.

End Result

These bathrooms went from being outdated and insufficient, to modern and beautiful. You will see a very notable change in each of these bathrooms with the color scheme, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, etc. In the master bath, the first major change you will notice is the vanity. Prior to the renovation, there was only a sink without any cabinets underneath or above for storage. Now, there is a beautiful White Shaker Style vanity with a large mirrored medicine cabinet above. Another notable change is the flooring. Regency installed marble style flooring- Florentine Carrara from Daltile. You will also see this tile on the walls of the shower and bathtub. We replaced the old bathtub with a lovely new white tub. For the shower, we installed a Keystone Suede Gray tile floor that flows great with the Florentine walls.

The next bathroom we remodeling was located in the basement. A very similar layout to the master bath, we made some remarkable changes that made this bathroom look very up to date. We replaced the old floor tiling with a Blanc Linen tile from Daltile that looks phenomenal extended onto the shower walls. For the shower floor, we used a Desert Gray keystone. A noteworthy change that catches your eye as soon as you walk through the door is the wall color. Before the remodel, the homeowners had half the walls a tan colored tile and the top half was painted gray. Now the walls are an eye popping green, making this bathroom feel like a completely new room.

Lastly, we did some major work to the powder room. The light blue tiled walls were changed to a gorgeous navy blue while the blue sink and blue toilet were replaced with pearl white appliances. To pull it all together, we took out the blue floor tiling and installed a Veranda Pearl tile that truly modernizes the whole room. For added luxury, we installed premium appliances in each of the bathrooms.  The customers are more than satisfied with their newly renovated bathrooms and look forward to getting many years of use out of all three rooms!

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