Kitchen Remodel in Wrigleyville

3843 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613

About the Wrigleyville Neighborhood

This home is located in the Chicago neighborhood of Wrigleyville.  Wrigleyville is a busy little area located just steps from the historic Wrigley Field. People are attracted to Wrigleyville for its lively atmosphere and its sports minded individuals.  Here you can find many locals, and tourists, dressed head to toe in Chicago Cubs apparel, no matter what time of the year. However, if you visit Wrigleyville on game night, be prepared to see the streets swarmed with people cheering on their favorite team and hoping for a Cubs win.

The Subject Property

Wrigleyville (Chicago) Kitchen Remodel

Wrigleyville (Chicago) Kitchen Remodel

This lovely Wrigleyville home was ready to have its kitchen updated. The existing kitchen offered a great layout, so the customers wanted Regency to create a new style for their kitchen. The customers hoped for a more modern kitchen with great light, a welcoming color scheme, and a clean overall appearance. To make this possible, Regency would need to gut all existing installations such as the island, floor tiling, cabinets, and necessary electrical wiring. The main goal of this kitchen remodel was to create a space that the customers would find more enjoyable for everyday use and for entertaining.

End Result

Through the skillful work of Regency Home Remodeling, a gorgeous, sleek new kitchen was created. After all the demolition, Regency installed White Shaker cabinets throughout the kitchen, including the newly designed island. This change gives the kitchen a great, light appearance while also being very modern and elegant. The old hardwood floor was stained and sanded in order to make it look newer and more up to date. For added luxury, Regency installed premium stainless steel appliances that give the kitchen as a whole a luxurious and beautiful feel.
Overall, Regency went above and beyond the customers expectations in order to create this kitchen. The new appearance is elegant, chic, and will be in style for many years to come.

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