West Ridge Kitchen Remodel

7033 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60645

About West Ridge, Chicago

West Ridge is a middle-class neighborhood of Chicago located on the far North Side. It shares a common border of Ridge Avenue with its neighboring town, Rogers Park- which is why West Ridge is often referred to as West Rogers Park.  West Ridge is a very popular neighborhood filled with many different ethnic cultures, historic mansions, and has one of the highest per capita incomes in the area. On Devon Avenue, you can find dozens of ethnic restaurants, stores, and grocery stores that allow people to experience the other cultures that fill the neighborhood.

The Subject Property

The homeowner of this West Ridge property was very interested in updating their kitchen. The current kitchen felt dated and cluttered so the customer knew it was time to create something more appropriate and efficient for everyday life.  Prior to the renovation, the kitchen was closed off by a countertop that seperated the kitchen from the rest of the dining area. Additionally, there was a small wall that needed be torn down in order to make the kitchen feel bigger and more spacious.
Regency would also replace all appliances, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and fixtures.

End Result

Compared to the previous kitchen, this new kitchen is much more modern and sleek. The most notable change is the creation of a large island. Prior to the remodel, there was not any room to have an island or additional countertop space. However, Regency completely gutted the entire kitchen, including the demolition of a wall, which made the kitchen significantly bigger and much more suitable for an island. The dated cabinets were replaced with Regency White Shaker Style cabinets. We kept the idea of white cabinets because of the amount of brightness it gives to this particular space.

Regency went on to install Chipped Ice Quartz countertops that makes the kitchen as a whole look more luxurious and stylish. Another key component to this renovation was the removal of the previous floor tiling and the installation of hardwood floors. This update was essential because the look of the hardwood floors aids in bringing the kitchen up to date and gives it a modern feel.  Overall, this kitchen is much more practical for everyday life. With the additional countertop and storage space, and kitchen area in general, the homeowner will find the kitchen to be much more enjoyable and efficient.

Need a Kitchen Remodel?

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