Roscoe Village Bathroom Remodel

1636 W Melrose St, Chicago, IL 60657

About Roscoe Village, Chicago

Located in Chicago’s North Side, Roscoe Village is a quaint neighborhood located between Lakeview and North Center. Here you can find plenty of locally owned bars, restaurants, cafes, and stores and people walking the streets from place to place. A main attraction of Roscoe Village is Hamlin Park. Named after Hannibal Hamlin, this park has been serving residents of Roscoe Village since 1910 when residents petitioned for a new park in their neighborhood. Other popular attractions include Beat Kitchen- a bar that hosts many bands, comedians, and other performers, Constellation- a jazz bar, Praha- an Amsterdam themed thrift store, and Dinkel’s Bakery- a German bakery that has been open since 1922. Roscoe Village is a charming town that gives you the small town feel in a big city atmosphere.

The Subject Property

The homeowner of this Chicago home was ready for some significant changes to the bathroom. Without demolishing any walls, they wanted to make their bathroom feel larger and more spacious. Prior to the remodel, you would find the shower as soon as you walked through the door and a single sink countertop to the right. In order to make this bathroom more spacious, both of these would need to be changed. Additionally, the stand alone bathtub would need to be removed.
To begin the renovation, Regency started by tearing out the vanity, flooring, and bathroom appliances. We came up with a great plan to switch around the layout in a way to make the bathroom bigger without changing the physical size.

End Result

This bathroom renovation turned out perfect. To start the renovation, we replaced the tile floor with a saddle brook farmhouse hardwood tile. Since our customer wanted more space in their bathroom, we decided to replace the shower, countertop, and cabinets with a chipped ice quartz countertop and grey shaker cabinets that would take up that entire wall. With all the extra countertop space, we were able to install two sinks which is a great touch for people looking for more room in their bathroom. We also included two white shaker towers on both ends of the vanity. Between the mirrors and countertop is a lovely crystal shores backsplash that flows perfectly with the rest of the bathroom. Next, we built a beautiful walk in shower where the stand alone bathtub use to sit. The shower walls and floor have a florentine carrara tile supplied by Daltile. We built a custom bench and niche inside the shower that are made of the same quartz as the countertop.
Our customer was very pleased with the outcome of their bathroom. With all the extra countertop space and the very large shower, they will be able to fully enjoy their new bathroom and all the space it now has to offer.

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