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Park Ridge is a very appealing village located just 15 miles from downtown Chicago. Filled with locally owned stores and restaurants, Park Ridge is known for its cozy, small town feel. You can find all of these unique stores and restaurants in the Park Ridge Uptown area. Along with the local shops, many other popular stores fill the streets of Uptown such as, Chico’s, Trader Joe’s, Jos A. Bank, and restaurants like Noodles & Company, Blufish Sushi Bistro, Eggsperience, and Houlihan’s.

Park Ridge is a very desirable place to live because of the quick access to the city. Whether you prefer to drive or if you like to ride the train, both methods of transportation are incredibly easy in Park Ridge with the accessibility to all major expressways and the metra being just steps away from Uptown.

The Subject Property

This couple was interested in completely gutting the bathrooms in their Park Ridge home and giving them a whole new look. The color scheme, appliances, and layouts were not suitable for this couple so they called Regency to create the beautiful bathrooms they had envisioned.

The biggest change that needed to be done was to adjust the size of the master bathroom. In order for this to be possible, Regency would need to combine the walk-in closet and bathroom and turn it into one large master bathroom.

For the hall bathroom, the major updates would involve the vanity, shower, floor, and overall style.

End Result

These new bathrooms make you feel like you’re in a whole new house! The renovations done to both of these rooms are incredible. Regency successfully updated the bathrooms giving them a very modern and elegant look.

The first change you will notice is in the hallway bathroom. Prior to the renovation, this bathroom was covered with blue walls and flooring while the sink, toilet, and bathtub were all pink. We got rid of this outdated look by installing Hexagon Arctic White floor tiling that looks very chic and sophisticated. Then, Regency painted the walls a very neutral gray color that makes the bathroom look exponentially brighter and current. For the vanity, we put in a gorgeous dark maple cabinet with a light, solid colored sheet of quartz for the countertop. Lastly, we completely removed the dated tub and created a large walk in shower that will be much more convenient than a bathtub.

The master bathroom is where you will see a significant amount of improvements. For starters, the master bathroom was much too small for this couples liking. In order to make this room bigger, the wall that separated the walk in closet from the bathroom would need to be demolished so this could all be one large master bathroom. With all the extra space, Regency would be able to install a much bigger vanity as well as a new bathtub and shower- this addition would be essential since there was not a tub or shower in this master bathroom before the renovation.

The vanity is now more than double the size of the previous sink. Regency installed two sink bowls on the quartz countertops that will take part in making this room more practical for the couple. For the floors, we installed a Modular floor tiling that blends great with the light colored walls while contrasting perfectly with the dark color of the vanity.

Overall, both of these bathrooms are not only beautiful, but much more efficient and practical. They both give off a very luxurious feel while also providing a feeling of spaciousness. Our customers were pleased with the outcome of this remodel and now have two elegant bathrooms that will keep them satisfied for many years to come.

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