Bathroom Remodel in Park Ridge, IL

229 N Western Ave, Park Ridge, IL 60068

About Park Ridge, IL

This home is located in the beautiful village of Park Ridge. Park Ridge is a lovely place to live for countless reasons, however, one of the most fond aspects of the town is its close proximity to downtown Chicago, O’hare International Airport, Metra and CTA trains, and major expressways. This tree lined suburb is the perfect place to live for those who want to be able to live the city life, yet want a place to go to escape the fast paced lifestyle. Park Ridge has a charming Uptown area that is filled with shopping, popular restaurants, a Metro Station, a public library, and impeccable architecture.

The Subject Property

The owners of this Park Ridge home were ready to make some major changes to their powder room. In fact, they no longer wanted it to be a powder room- they wanted to transform it into a full bathroom. The goal of this bathroom remodel was to create a space that would be much more convenient in terms of functions and also a bathroom that was modern and elegant. To make that possible, Regency would need to knock down existing walls in order to make this space bigger. Additionally, all tiling, appliances, and necessary plumbing and electrical wiring would need to be removed.

End Result

Wow! Regency did a spectacular job on this bathroom transformation. The customers vision was brought to life through the skillful work of Regency Home Remodeling. The most obvious updates are the great new size and the addition of a shower. Regency expanded the bathroom by tearing down necessary walls and extending the bathroom forward.

The modern look was achieved by installing light colored fixtures such as the Hex Bright White floor and shower floor tiling and by painting the walls gray.
Overall, Regency went above and beyond the customers expectations on this remodel. The customers will find their new bathroom to be much more efficient, modern, and practical and will be able to enjoy using the new space so much more.

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