Bathroom Remodel in Mundelein, IL

500 Brice Ave, Mundelein, IL 60060

About Mundelein, IL

This lovely home is located in the Lake County village of Mundelein. Mundelein is a northern suburb of Chicago about 35 miles from the downtown area. As of 2000, the population of Mundelein was nearly 31,000 people with 9,900 households, and 7,700 families. The median income per household in 2000 was just under $70,000 while the median income for a family was about $75,000.

The Subject Property

Mundelein, IL Bathroom Remodel

Mundelein, IL Bathroom Remodel

The owners of this Mundelein property were ready to make some major updates to their master bathroom. The existing bathroom had become old and boring, so, the customers wanted Regency Home Remodeling to create a bathroom that was stylish, sleek, and contemporary. To make the customers’ dreams come true, Regency would need to start the remodel by completely demolishing the current bathroom. This would mean the bathtub, vanity, toilet, light fixtures, and all tiling needed to be removed in order to create a gorgeous new bathroom. The main goal of this bathroom renovation was to create a bathroom that this couple would look forward to using each and every day while making it much more practical and efficient.

End Result

Wow! Regency did a fabulous job on this bathroom remodel. Each and every aspect of the new bathroom is stunning and exactly what the customer’s were hoping for and more. The most notable change is the new luxurious style. To achieve this, Regency installed Brown Skybridge floor tiling, Florentine Nociolla shower wall and shower floor tiling, and Copper Coast Crystal Shores accent tiling. Each of these tiles contrast each other in a beautiful way creating an elegant atmosphere.

Regency did a superb job transforming this dull bathroom into a jaw dropping master bathroom. Through their skillful and professional work, they were able to create a luxurious bathroom that this couple will look forward to using every day for many years to come.

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If you want a bathroom remodel in Mundelein, IL call the experts in home improvement, Regency Home Remodeling, at 1 (773) 930-4465.

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