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705 Interlaken Dr, Lake Zurich, IL 60047

About Lake Zurich, IL

This beautiful home is located 38 miles northwest of Chicago in the village of Lake Zurich. Lake Zurich is a lovely town in Lake County named after the lake located within the village. The village is known to be a fabulous place to live, in fact, in 2006 it was ranked one of the top 100 “Best Places to Raise Your Family” by Frommer and in 2015 it was rated number one in Illinois for young families by NerdWalet. As of 2010, the population was just under 20,000 people with a median family income of $108,000.

The Subject Property

The owners of this Lake Zurich property were ready to make some major changes to their hall bathroom. The overall design had become dull and boring to this family, so they called Regency to give it an extreme makeover. They wanted the new bathroom to be sleek, stylish, and something that would last for years on end. The overall goal of this renovation was to create a bathroom that was not only luxurious, but a place that the homeowners would look forward to using each and everyday. To make this possible, Regency would have to completely gut the existing bathroom from the floor tiling, wall tiling, vanity, bathtub, and even plumbing and lighting.

End Result

Regency did a fabulous job on this bathroom remodel. The most notable change is the overall style. Regency got rid of the old, dull look of the bathroom and created a beautiful, elegant, and modern bathroom space. To achieve this, Regency installed Gray Skybridge floor tiling and painted the walls a lovely gray color. This allowed for an appearance that is bright and sleek. To continue this look, an Espresso Maple vanity with a Simply White Quartz top was installed. This installation flows perfectly with the rest of the bathroom as it tops off the luxurious atmosphere. The new pearl white bathtub was a great choice by the customers as it will be in style for a countless amount of years as well as being modern and elegant. The same tiling from the floors were used for the shower walls- all tiling was supplied by Daltile.

Regency went above and beyond the customers expectations by creating this beautifully renovated bathroom. The homeowners will look forward to using their gorgeous new bathroom each and every day as it will be in style for years on end.

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