Kitchen Remodel in Wrigleyville

3529 N. Wilton Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

About Wrigleyville, IL

This beautiful home is located in Wrigleyville, which is a very popular neighborhood located on the north side of Chicago. It is named after Wrigley Field, which is where the Chicago Cubs play and many people from all of Illinois come to watch baseball or go have a fun night out. While many people enjoy coming to this area for the baseball games and fun nightlife, many enjoy the shopping in this area. Many of these stores sell cubs paraphernalia, other sports-themed merchandise, and ticket vendors selling seats for Cubs games. If you have never been to Wrigleyville, it is a great place to go for the day to have a fun, relaxing time.

The Subject Property

The kitchen in this gorgeous home was well overdue for a style update. The kitchen had a bland appeal to it with all white appliances, cabinetry, and walls. The flooring was also a standard color, which was adding to the lack of excitement in style. The residents were ready to add a little artistic flare and style to the kitchen and were also interested in increasing the efficiency of the space by adding more counter top and changing the layout of the kitchen. The residents also desired a more modern kitchen in terms of appliances, which provide added luxury and convenience to the user.

End Result

The new kitchen looks absolutely beautiful. The most obvious change is the removal of the boring white floors and replacement with stylish dark finish wood flooring, which was contrasted beautifully by the new, white maple cabinetry. The contrast between the dark flooring and light cabinetry was skillfully blended with the addition of new granite countertops from Daltile as well as new, stainless steel appliances. The new appliances really help to match the new color scheme as well as create a modern feeling in the kitchen. The new appliances installed in the kitchen include: a Bosch dishwasher and microwave, a Frigidaire refrigerator, and a Kohler sink and faucet. To top of the beautiful, new, modern kitchen, a semi gloss backsplash was installed for a stylish finish. Regency did a great job converting this space to a very luxurious, stylish, and modern space that will provide the residents with increased comfort and convenience.

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