Kitchen Remodel in Streeterville

175 East Delaware Pl, Chicago, IL 60611

About Streeterville, IL

This residence is located in Streeterville, which is a neighborhood in the North side of Chicago and north of the Chicago River. Lake Michigan can be found to the north of this property with the magnificent mile portion of Michigan Avenue on the west. This property is in a prime location for having fun in the city. This home is very close in proximity to the John Hancock Center as well as the Water Tower Place. There is so much shopping near this location such as: Adidas, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Oakley, Clark’s, and countless others. Residents of Chicago love all the shopping and great restaurants in the area and so do visitors.

The Subject Property

The homeowners desired a major change in their kitchen. The preexisting space was not very practical in multiple ways. The most obvious shortcoming of the kitchen space was the lack of counter space and storage space, which was caused by an unnecessary door leading to a blank, wasted wall. In order to combat this impractical use of space, Regency removed the unnecessary door and installed cabinetry and countertops along the wall that had previously been blank. The color scheme and style of the room was also out of date. Regency removed all flooring and cabinetry in order to change the color scheme to create a more modern and inviting space.

End Result

The kitchen looks amazing and much more practical than the preexisting space thanks to the changes skillfully completed by Regency. Considerably more counter space and cabinet storage space was added by creating a U-shaped countertop and cabinetry, which spans the walls of the entire kitchen. The color change was successfully completed and converted the kitchen from a bland and outdated space to a sleek and inviting space. This was accomplished with the installation of Arabian nights granite countertop, midnight black floors, and elevare backsplash. Daltile manufactured all of the flooring, countertops, and floors. Some of the stainless steel appliances such as the LG refrigerator, Maytag oven, and GE microwave from the old kitchen were kept as they had been purchased recently contributed to the modern appeal of the space. Additionally, a Quatrus undermount sink was installed along with a Hansgrohe infinity finish faucet. These changes all beautifully blend together to create a very clean and sleek-looking kitchen that is sure to keep the residents happy and comfortable with its modern amenities.

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