Kitchen Remodel in Ravenswood

4519 N. Wolcott Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

About the Ravenswood Neighborhood

This home is located within Ravenswood, which is a neighborhood of Chicago located on the north side of the city. Although the area is designated as part of the Lincoln Square Community, the popularity of the name kept it in use. The real estate value in Ravenswood has been increasing greatly since the 1990’s, making it one of the highest valued markets in the city. There are so many things to do in this area such as shopping, which is one of the favorite activities for many of the residents living in this area to engage in. Some of the closest stores to shop at include: Akira, Fleet Feet Sports, Village Discount Outlet, Crossroads Trading Co., and many more.

The Subject Property

The owners of this lovely home desired a major change in the style and appeal of their kitchen, but were not interested in making changes to the layout. The preexisting space had a very cluttered and crammed feeling, which was bothering the homeowners. This along with the desired change in style and appeal of the space brought the residents to Regency. They were interested in changing the style of their kitchen from an inefficient and crammed space to a more modern and practical one. This would be accomplished by removing all flooring and cabinetry in order to change the overall style of the space.

End Result

Regency was successful in making the desired changes and exceeding the expectations of the residents. The dark, gloomy flooring that had previously been in the kitchen was replaced with a brighter, off-white tile floor in order to brighten up the space. The preexisting cabinetry was replaced with a darker, black coffee maple finish in order to better contrast the bright floor and white counter tops. The new and old kitchens are night and day in terms of clutter and practicality of the space. The residents were ecstatic with the work expertly accomplished by Regency and will remain happy with their new kitchen for a long time.

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