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2420 Rebecca Ln, Glenview, IL 60026

About Glenview,IL

This beautiful home is located in Glenview, which is located in Cook County and is considered a part of the Northern Chicago suburbs. Glenview has many restaurants such as Wildfire, Café Lucci, Hackney’s, Yard House and more. Kohl Children’s Museum and other properties such as Historic Wagner Farm provide entertainment as well as education. There is also a beautiful golf course known as The Glen Golf Course for golfers. In addition to all of the fun activities to engage in as an adult, Glenview also contains Funtopia, which is a great location for young kids to have fun.

The Subject Property

The resident of this lovely home was interested in making a drastic change in the design and style of their kitchen. The preexisting cabinetry, flooring, and countertops were becoming very bland and outdated compared to what the owner had in mind. One of the main goals of this job was to increase the spatial layout of the kitchen and dining room while increasing the overall function of the space by creating much more counter space and storage space. The bay window unit was replaced for a energy efficient ClimateGuard patio door in order to create more space for the changing location of the refrigerator. Regency completely gutted the kitchen and dining room in its entirety and began renovating. The largest undertaking of this job was to take down the partition wall between the kitchen and dining room while moving the stove and refrigerator to the opposite wall of the kitchen, which required the removal and reinstallation of electrical wiring.

End Result

Regency Home Remodeling was highly successful in changing the layout of the space and upgrading all facets of the kitchen. The most noticeable alteration of the kitchen and dining room was the removal of the partition wall. This change greatly increased the openness of the layout and makes the kitchen and dining room feel much larger. The flooring was swapped out for a slightly darker Daltile tile floor, which was successful in increasing the warmth and coziness of the room. White cabinetry from Regency was installed along with a absolute black granite counter tops from Daltile with a polished finish. A large, gorgeous island was built in the center of the kitchen, adding a massive amount of counter space while also creating an area for people to sit and hang out. The contrasting black countertops and white cabinetry smoothly balance each other out and brighten up the room. The old sink was replaced with an upgraded Elkay stainless steel double bowl sink while the stove and refrigerator were replaced with beautiful LG stainless steel appliances. All of these changes blend together to form the dramatic change that the owner was looking for by making the layout more spacious, brightening up the kitchen, upgrading all appliances, and adding counter space for added convenience. This beautiful new kitchen and layout are sure to make the resident happy and up to date for many years to come.

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