Kitchen Remodel in Arlington Heights, IL

1514 Waverly Ct, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

About Arlington Heights,IL

This property can be found in Arlington Heights near the intersection of Buffalo Grove Road and Hintz Road. With a population of more the 75,000 residents, it is recognized as the most populous community in the United States that is incorporated as a village. Because of how populous Arlington Heights is, there are many high schools that serve the area including: John Hersey, Buffalo Grove, Prospect, Rolling Meadows, Wheeling, Palatine, Arlington, and Forest View High Schools. There are also well known private schools in the area such as: St. Viator, Our Lady of Wayside, St. James, St. Peter Lutheran School, and Christian Liberty Academy. There are many things to do in this area and it is known to be a wonderful place to live thanks to all of the fun activities to engage in as well as all of the wonderful public services offered to its residents.

The Subject Property

The preexisting kitchen space in this home was outdated and ready for a remodel. Regency began this job by removing all cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. Regency also installed new electrical wiring in order to install new recessed cans, which would replace the large and outdated light/fan combo that was hanging in the middle of the ceiling in the kitchen. Another large change to be undertaken was the removal of the large soffits that were taking up space that could be used as storage. Another goal was to increase the functionality of the kitchen space by installing additional counter space. Overall, the goal was to increase the efficiency of the space while also giving the space a modern upgrade.

End Result

The new kitchen space looks phenomenal. The most noticeable change is the increased counter space and new color scheme. The new color scheme was accomplished by installed new Cinnamon Maple cabinetry as well as dark gray appliances including: LG refrigerator, LG dishwasher, and Bosch Oven. The preexisting kitchen table was removed and replaced with a larger table fitted with a granite counter top. Extending the counter top by a few feet increased the counter space of the kitchen. The new kitchen space appears much brighter and larger thanks to the removal of the large soffits and addition of recessed light cans. Overall, the new kitchen is contemporary and highly functional and exceeds all of the customers’ requests. There is no doubt that the homeowners will be happy with this kitchen for a long time and be very happy with the increased functionality and luxurious amenities afforded by the premium appliances.

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