Bathroom Remodels in Downers Grove, IL

512 Redondo Dr, Downers Grove, IL 60516

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Downers Grove, IL Bathroom Remodel

Downers Grove, IL Bathroom Remodel

The owners of this Downers Grove home were ready to make some major changes to their bathroom. They were interested in creating a more modern yet luxurious feeling space that they would look forward to using each and every day.

Regency did an outstanding job making their dreams come to life. The new color scheme along with the premium installations, create an elegant appearance while also being very sleek and prestigious. If you’re interested in getting this look in your own home, see the next tab for the items used!

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If you want a bathroom remodel in Downers Grove, IL call the experts in home improvement, Regency Home Remodeling, at 1 (773) 930-4465.

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