Deerfield Kitchen Remodel

1425 Hackberry Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015

About Deerfield, IL

This home is located just 25 miles north of Chicago in Deerfield, Illinois. While most of Deerfield is in Lake County, a small portion of the village lies in Cook County. In Deerfield, you can find major business headquarters such as Walgreens, Baxter Healthcare, Consumers Digest, Fortune Brands Home & Security, and Business Technology partners.  Deerfield offers many popular restaurants such as Carson’s Ribs, Cadwell’s Grille, Demetris, Bobby’s, and so much more.

The Subject Property

The homeowners of this house were interested in remodeling their kitchen. Their kitchen is narrow and had a wall blocking it off from the living room so it felt very small and closed in. The family wanted to change their kitchen to a more open floor plan and wanted more cabinet space throughout the kitchen and dining area. With that, they were interested in updating their cabinets to something current that would not go out of style.

End Result

This remodel came out great. To help with the space issue, Regency began the renovation by tearing down the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. Now, the sink lies in the middle of the huge countertop that extends into the living area. This offers so much more countertop area and cabinet space on both sides. To make this happen, we had to change and upgrade the original framing and support to allow for a higher, flat ceiling throughout the kitchen and living room. We replaced their countertops with a lovely grey nimbus quartz from Daltile. Their cabinets were supplied by Regency and are a beautiful almond maple that gives the home the modern feel that our customers hoped for. Prior to the renovation, their was not any storage space in the dining area, so Regency installed additional upper and lower cabinets with a matching quartz countertop. Lastly, we installed a gorgeous artigiano backsplash throughout. This gives the entire area an elegant and trendy vibe. Overall, our customers were more than pleased with the outcome of their brand new open and modern kitchen and will be able to enjoy this space for many, many years.

Need a Kitchen Remodel?

If you want a kitchen remodel in Deerfield, IL call the experts in home improvement, Regency Home Remodeling, at 1 (773) 930-4465.

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