Skokie Kitchen Remodel

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This new kitchen is amazing! The new layout of the kitchen space significantly increased the practicality of the space by making the area feel and appear more spacious while increasing storage and counter space. The color scheme is much more modern and appealing as well.

Kitchen Remodel in Skokie, IL

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The kitchen of this wonderful home was in need of an upgrade. The residents were finding it to be inconvenient to cook and entertain in their large kitchen space and wanted to make some changes to increase the counter space, storage space, and also the make the space appear much more practical and stylish.

Kitchen Renovation in Skokie, IL

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The Village of Skokie is home to 65,000 residents. The total area of Skokie is just over ten miles. Its neighboring cities are Evanston, Chicago, Lincolnwood, Niles, Glenview and Morton Grove. Skokie’s streets are modeled after the Chicago street style and are in a grid pattern. The Chicago style bungalow is the most common type of dwelling found on Skokie. The National Holocaust Museum is located in Skokie.


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