Kitchen remodeling in Chicago, IL by Regency Home Remodeling

Lincoln Park Kitchen Remodel

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Lincoln Park (Chicago) Kitchen Remodel

This new kitchen is jaw dropping. Regency did a spectacular job completely transforming this room into a modern, spacious kitchen- a kitchen that the customers will be able to host all their friends and family in.

Wrigleyville Kitchen Remodel

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Wrigleyville (Chicago) Kitchen Remodel

This lovely Wrigleyville home was ready to have its kitchen updated. The existing kitchen offered a great layout, so the customers wanted Regency to create a new style for their kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Jefferson Park

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Kitchen Remodel in Jefferson Park by Regency

The homeowners of this Chicago property gave Regency a call when they decided it was time to renovate their kitchen. The main goal of this remodel was to update the kitchen in terms of style and appearance.

West Town Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen Remodel in West Town (Chicago) by Regency

The owner of this West Town (Chicago) property was interested in revamping their kitchen. While the openness was a huge plus to the existing kitchen, the limited amount of countertop space was becoming a hassle.

West Ridge Kitchen Remodel

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West Ridge [Chicago} Kitchen Remodel by Regency

The homeowner of this West Ridge property was very interested in updating their kitchen. The current kitchen felt dated and cluttered so the customer knew it was time to create something more appropriate and efficient for everyday life.

North Park Kitchen Remodel

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North Park Kitchen Remodel by Regency

Regency knew the key to updating this home were white cabinets, a subtle gray color on all the walls throughout the first floor, and a beautiful quartz island and countertops.

Kitchen Remodel in North Mayfair

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The customers of this lovely home wanted to transform their kitchen space into one that would allow for more efficiently usage as well as one that would be a major upgrade in terms of style. This substantial remodel was started with the removal of all kitchen flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and most of the appliances.

Kitchen Remodel in Albany Park

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The homeowners wanted to make some changes to their kitchen. They were ready to upgrade the style of their kitchen and also make some small changes to ensure the space was more practical for use.

Kitchen Remodel in Norwood Park

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The residents of this lovely home wanted to make some dramatic changes to their kitchen space. They were interested in changing the layout, color scheme, finishes, and appliances. Regency began this remodel with the removal of all flooring, cabinetry, appliances, and demolition of a partition wall that had previously been separating the kitchen from the dining room.

Kitchen Remodel in Edgewater

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The homeowners wanted to change the style of their kitchen space. The color scheme of the preexisting kitchen space had become bland and they were ready to completely change everything about the color scheme and style of the kitchen.