North Park Kitchen Remodel

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North Park Kitchen Remodel by Regency

Regency knew the key to updating this home were white cabinets, a subtle gray color on all the walls throughout the first floor, and a beautiful quartz island and countertops.

Morton Grove Kitchen Remodel

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Morton Grove Kitchen Remodel by Regency

The homeowners of this Morton Grove house wanted to update their kitchen so it was more open, spacious, and modern. They wanted everything to be new; the floors, countertops, cabinets, and appliances.

Buffalo Grove Kitchen Remodel

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Buffalo Grove, IL Kitchen Remodel by Regency

This kitchen was ready to be updated. Our customers vision for their kitchen was to be bigger, more open, modern, and bright. All of which Regency is known for doing.

Arlington Heights Kitchen Remodel

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The owners of this Arlington Heights home were ready for an update. When discussing potential floor plans for their new kitchen, the family knew they wanted one thing: space.  Prior to the renovation, the kitchen was small with little room to entertain and cook at the same time.

Northbrook Kitchen Remodel

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Northbrook, IL Kitchen Remodel by Regency

The owners of this house were ready for a change. Their kitchen and living room were both outdated with the color scheme as well as appliances and cabinetry.

Kitchen Remodel in Morton Grove, IL

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The customers wanted to make some small-scale changes to their kitchen area. They were interested in slightly changing the color scheme in favor of a brighter, cleaner one while making the kitchen space appear sleeker

Skokie Kitchen Remodel

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This new kitchen is amazing! The new layout of the kitchen space significantly increased the practicality of the space by making the area feel and appear more spacious while increasing storage and counter space. The color scheme is much more modern and appealing as well.

Kitchen Remodel in North Mayfair

, BY

The customers of this lovely home wanted to transform their kitchen space into one that would allow for more efficiently usage as well as one that would be a major upgrade in terms of style. This substantial remodel was started with the removal of all kitchen flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and most of the appliances.

Kitchen Remodel in Mundelein, IL

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The owners of this home wanted to change the layout and the style of their kitchen. They were interested in changing the counter layout in favor of a more open kitchen space that would flow more seamlessly into the dining room area while also increasing counter space.

Kitchen Remodel in Vernon Hills, IL

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Unlike the bathroom remodel that Regency completed in this home, the residents wanted to make some more dramatic structural changes to their kitchen area in hopes that they would be able to get more practical use out of their kitchen space, create a more open floor plan, and also creating a better area to entertain guests and family.