Bathroom Remodels in North Barrington, IL

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The bathrooms of this home were in need of an upgrade in order to bring the style of these spaces up to level modern times and comfort. The residents were looking to change the color scheme of the bathroom while also making the space more functional and luxurious.

Master Bathroom Renovation in North Barrington, IL

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The homeowners were interested in changing the layout of their bathroom while also adding a contemporary appeal. The master bathroom contained a shower and a bathtub, which was not often used and taking up a lot of valuable space.

Interior Remodel in North Barrington, IL

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The owner is this home was eager to remodel their bathroom and adjacent bar area. The design was becoming stale to the resident and was in need of a major change. Regency began by gutting the kitchen, removing all floor, walls, cabinetry, and fixtures.