North Park Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom remodel in North Park (Chicago) by Regency Home Remodeling

The homeowner of this lovely Chicago property was ready to make some major changes to their hallway bathroom. The preexisting bathroom was no longer suitable for the customer and knew Regency Home Remodeling could create the bathroom of their dreams.

Jefferson Park Bathroom Remodel

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Jefferson Park Bathroom Remodel by Regency Home Remodeling

The homeowners of this Jefferson Park property were ready to update their out of date and inefficient bathroom. The small and old feel was no longer suitable for this couple, so they wanted to create a bathroom that would make spending time in there an enjoyable time rather that a hassle.

South Loop Bathroom Remodel

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South Loop bathroom remodel by Regency

This bathroom is exactly what the customers wanted: jaw dropping. As soon as you walk through the door you will see a beautiful new vanity with a Chipped Ice Quartz countertop.

Norwood Park Bathroom Remodels

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Norwood Park bathroom Remodel by Regency

This Norwood Park home had three bathrooms that were calling for Regency’s help. In this house you would find a master bathroom, a basement bathroom, and a powder room- all of which were very outdated.

River North Bathroom Remodel

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River North Bathroom Remodel by Regency

The homeowners of this River North property had a vision for their master bathroom and knew Regency was the one for the job. Before updating their bathroom, they were having storage issues and were sick of the color scheme.

Roscoe Village Bathroom Remodel

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Roscoe Village Bathroom Remodel by Regency

Located in Chicago’s North Side, Roscoe Village is a quaint neighborhood located between Lakeview and North Center. Here you can find plenty of locally owned bars, restaurants, cafes, and stores and people walking the streets from place to place. A main attraction of Roscoe Village is Hamlin Park.

Bathroom Remodels in West Town

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The hallway bathroom was dramatically changed in almost every way. The layout of the space was swapped in favor of one that would provide a more spacious and efficient bathroom. The vanity and toilet were moved to the opposite side of the bathroom in order to make the bathroom more accessible and less crammed.

Bathroom Remodel in Ravenswood

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This bathroom needed to be revamped in the eyes of the customers. They wanted the bathroom to be more elegant, cleaner, and presentable. The color scheme of the bathroom was not meshing well with the residents’ style and they were looking for something brighter and cleaner.

Bathroom Remodels in North Mayfair

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These bathrooms were ready for a modern upgrade. The customers were looking for a change in the style and were hoping to get more practical use out of the bathroom spaces.

Bathroom Remodel in Edgewater

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This bathroom was in need of a rejuvenating remodel in order to ensure that the homeowners were excited to start their day in this space every day. The customers had become bored with their bathroom space and wanted to make some dramatic changes.