Jefferson Park Bathroom Remodel

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Jefferson Park Bathroom Remodel by Regency Home Remodeling

The homeowners of this Jefferson Park property were ready to update their out of date and inefficient bathroom. The small and old feel was no longer suitable for this couple, so they wanted to create a bathroom that would make spending time in there an enjoyable time rather that a hassle.

Evanston Bathroom Remodel

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Evanston Bathroom Remodel by Regency

The homeowners of this beautiful Evanston property were ready to remodel their hallway bathroom. The main goal of this renovation was to update the color scheme by installing pristine fixtures and appliances.

Park Ridge Bathroom Remodels

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Park Ridge Bathroom Remodels by Regency

This couple was interested in completely gutting the bathrooms in their Park Ridge home and giving them a whole new look. The color scheme, appliances, and layouts were not suitable for this couple so they called Regency to create the beautiful bathrooms they had envisioned.

Skokie Bathroom Renovation

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Skokie Bathroom Remodel by Regency

The homeowners of this Skokie property were ready to make some changes to their bathroom. The look of this bathroom became old and dreary to this family and they knew Regency was the one to make their bathroom dreams come true.

Lincolnshire Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

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Lincolnshire Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel by Regency

These residents were ready for a huge update in their Lincolnshire home. The biggest project of them all would be to their kitchen. The current kitchen was closed off from the rest of the first floor making it feel small and cluttered.

South Loop Bathroom Remodel

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South Loop bathroom remodel by Regency

This bathroom is exactly what the customers wanted: jaw dropping. As soon as you walk through the door you will see a beautiful new vanity with a Chipped Ice Quartz countertop.

Barrington Bathroom Remodels

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Bathroom remodel in Barrington, IL by Regency

Overall, these bathrooms are not only beautiful but very unique. The choice of tiling, cabinets, countertops, and the uniformity are very tasteful and give the home a luxurious style. The homeowners will be able to enjoy these stylish and modern bathrooms for many years on end.

Norwood Park Bathroom Remodels

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Norwood Park bathroom Remodel by Regency

This Norwood Park home had three bathrooms that were calling for Regency’s help. In this house you would find a master bathroom, a basement bathroom, and a powder room- all of which were very outdated.

Lincolnshire Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

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Lincolnshire Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling by Regency

Regency gave this home an amazing update. Prior to the renovation, you would find an inefficient U-shaped kitchen. Regency removed the old cabinets and install gorgeous tan colored cabinets throughout the whole kitchen.

Vernon Hills Bathroom Remodel

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Vernon Hills Bathroom Remodel by Regency

This outdated bathroom was in need of a major update. The homeowners wanted their master bathroom to be more fitting to their needs. Instead of having a huge walk in bath, they wanted a larger shower.