Lake Zurich Bathroom Remodel

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These homeowners wanted to make some changes to their master bathroom. They were hoping to swap out their pre-existing finishes for more stylish and modern ones while also making the space more efficient.

Bathroom Remodel in Norwood Park

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The owners of this home were ready to make some more changes to their house aside from their kitchen. They wanted to completely change their upstairs bathroom in every way.

Bathroom Remodel in Lake Forest, IL

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The purpose of this remodel was to transform this master bathroom into a more stylish and modern space that would also make the space more practical. Regency began by prepping the area to ensure no damage would be done to the surrounding areas.

Bathroom Remodel in Barrington, IL

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The residents of this home were ready to completely change their master bathroom into a very modern and open space. Regency began by removing all cabinetry, fixtures, shower, tub, and more. An unnecessary partition wall separating the shower and tub was removed in order to decrease the claustrophobic feeling caused by the wall.

Master Bathroom Remodel in Buffalo Grove, IL

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The owners of this lovely home were interested in remodeling their master bathroom. The goal of this remodel was to change the overall color scheme while changing the atmosphere of the space. The layout was also to be changed with the movement of the shower and the tub.

Bathroom Remodels in North Barrington, IL

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The bathrooms of this home were in need of an upgrade in order to bring the style of these spaces up to level modern times and comfort. The residents were looking to change the color scheme of the bathroom while also making the space more functional and luxurious.

Basement & Bathroom Remodel in Highland Park, IL

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These homeowners were ready to finish their basement in order to make the space usable for more than just storage. They wanted this space to be converted into an area where people could hang out, entertain, and relax.

Bathroom Renovation in Libertyville, IL

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The owners of this beautiful home were ready to make a change. Their master bathroom was in need of a remodel in terms of style and layout.

Bathroom Remodels in Arlington Heights, IL

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After the beautiful job Regency completed in their Arlington Heights kitchen, these homeowners were interested in having two of their bathrooms redone in order to create a sense of uniformity of style in the home.

North Center – St Ben’s Bathroom Remodel

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This bathroom was ready for an upgrade. The style of the bathroom had become bland to the customers and they were ready to convert the bathroom space into something they would be able to get more use out of.