Basement & Bathroom Remodel in Highland Park, IL

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These homeowners were ready to finish their basement in order to make the space usable for more than just storage. They wanted this space to be converted into an area where people could hang out, entertain, and relax.

Basement Bathroom Remodels in Chicago, IL

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The residents of this property were ready to finish their basement as well as construct a new bathroom and remodel a preexisting bathroom in the basement. Regency began by removing all of the preexisting clutter in the basement as well as any fixtures or finishes.

Basement Remodel in Palatine, IL

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The basement of this large and beautiful home was not finished and the homeowners were ready to complete their basement, which would include a bathroom, a large seating area, and installation of a refrigerator and cabinetry. The homeowners wanted to increase the practicality of their large basement and convert it into a space that could be utilized more often and more effectively.

Bathroom Remodels in Highland Park, IL

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The residents of this charming home were ready to upgrade two bathrooms. Both of which were outdated in style and worn to a point of decreased efficiency and functionality. The homeowners desired a new, modern look that would also afford them a feeling of luxury while also increasing the practicality of the spaces.

Attic Bathroom Remodel in Evanston, IL

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he residents of this beautiful home were interested in building a bathroom in their attic, which was a finished area with a bedroom. There was no preexisting space for a bathroom to be installed, so Regency began by building the walls required to have a bathroom and installing any necessary plumbing and electrical necessary for a toilet, shower, sink, lights, and more.