Bathroom Renovation in Glenview, IL

1041 Longmeadow Dr, Glenview, IL 60025

Bathroom Renovation in Glenview, IL

In green and spacious Glenview, a lovely suburb with acclaimed school districts just northwest of Chicago, the Schambers sought out an extensive gutting and premier remodeling for their master bathroom. For the immense work needed for the master bathroom of their dreams, the Schambers’ called Regency Home Remodeling to expertly and efficiently handle demolition, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, walls, flooring, and the installation of owner-supplied tile and fixtures

The Job

Beginning with a thorough and expert demolition, the Regency Home Remodeling team removed all existing tile, hardwood flooring, cabinetry, partition walls, windows, and even some stubborn plumbing and electrical units from the dated master bathroom. Despite the heavy demolition necessary for this job, the Regency team resourcefully preserved the original crown molding to reuse in the remodeling.

After demolition, Regency repaired all necessary framing from the existing walls, then constructed new walls for the new bathroom layout. Starting from the floor, this layout called for the construction of a new tub deck and framing for a new window by the bathroom door, an installation of a new su-bfloor, and the relocation of a baseboard heater.

Regency furnished and installed water-resistant drywall at ½-inch thickness for the ceilings and walls of the new bathroom, as well as a ½-inch thick cement backer board for the tub walls, deck, and floor. Regency’s team worked around-the-clock to ensure that the water-resistant drywall was taped, patched, and sanded in preparation for custom painting.

To bring quality functionality to the master bathroom, Regency’s professionals provided three plumbing points, including two for a double-bowl sink and one for the new bathtub. All drains, vents, and waterlines were connected to the existing plumbing system. Regency made necessary upgrades to existing electrical wiring, and also furnished and installed new outlets and switches at the owner’s request. The owners also supplied Regency with all plumbing and electrical fixtures, as well as a new vent for the roof exhaust fan, which the team gladly installed to fulfill an owner-customized design.

To complete this heavy rehaul of the master bathroom and make the owner’s dream master bathroom a reality, Regency installed owner-supplied wall tiles for the entire shower area, tub deck, and bathroom floor. The team installed Regency vinyl double-hung windows for the new window opening, installed within a repaired exterior wall with new window trim and woodgrain-style aluminum siding. To gracefully close an intense renovation, Regency furnished and installed a six-panel door with colonial casing and reinstalled the original crown molding.

Project Summary

If you want a bathroom remodel in Glenview, IL call the professionally certified and premier name in bathroom remodeling: Regency Home Remodeling at 1 (773) 930-4465.

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