Bathroom Renovation in Barrington, IL

12 Turning Shore Dr, Barrington, IL 60010

About Barrington, IL

This job was completed for the Bodkins, who are very talented photographers that mostly focus on taking pictures of plants, animals, landscapes, and other natural sights. Barrington is an affluent area and is known to be a great place to live and raise children. Residents love places such as the Macray Golf Course, which is a first class course. Younger residents enjoy attractions such as the Battle House, which is a great place for a birthday party. Students living in Barrington attend Barrington High School.

The Subject Property

They were interested in remodeling their large Jack and Jill Bathroom in their wonderful home. The bathroom had an older, outdated style that the residents no longer found desirable. There was also some foundational damage to certain areas of the bathroom such as water damage to the area around the tub. Regency gutted bathroom, removing the flooring and fixtures and reworked any necessary plumbing for installation of a new tub. A large change was the removal of one of the sinks from one vanity and installation of a new vanity with only one sink. The Bodkins were looking for an upgrade that would give their bathrooms a modern appeal while increasing the overall efficiency of the space.

End Result

Both bathrooms were skillfully renovated into bathrooms with a very sleek and modern appeal. The outdated counter tops were replaced with darkerDaltile granite. The hallway bathroom vanity was finished with two white Kohler under mounted sinks and the master bathroom vanity was finished with a gray Kohler sink bowl, which matched very well with the new, grey cabinetry with metal handles. The old flooring with small green patches was replaced with a beautiful white Daltile flooring, which created a much cleaner feel in the bathrooms. Regency was effective in accomplishing all the changes the Bodkins desired and the new bathrooms are sure to give the Bodkins the updated and modern feel they were looking for. The Bodkins loved the work by Regency so much that they even uploaded photos of their new bathrooms to their photography website!

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