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1519 W Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60642

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This home is located in West Town near the intersection of North Ashland Avenue and West Chicago Avenue. West Town is on Chicago’s West Side. Some of the popular locations to eat at include: Nini’s Deli, Hoosier Mama Pie Company, Five Star Bar, Uncle Mike’s Place, Flo, Green Zebra, Mexique, Bella Notte, Burger Baron Restaurant, and countless others. For shopping, people often go to locations like: Acala’s Western Boots, MADE Gallery Chicago, Seek Vintage, Dovetail, Estate West Grand, Studio N Boutique, Upper Level Clothing Boutique, MB Sales Western Wear, and many more.

The Subject Property

The customers were not happy with their master bathroom and main floor bathroom. Although these bathrooms appear functional, the work completed on these bathrooms by a separate construction company was far less than adequate and not completed for longevity. It is clear to see in the master bathroom shower that the grout was already suffering and the shower area appearance was suffering greatly. These two bathrooms, which should have been spacious, beautiful, and comfortable spaces to enjoy, were not being appreciated due to the lack of diligence and expertise. The customers enlisted the help of Regency to fix these problems while also upgrading the spaces in favor of a more modern appearance and efficient layout. Regency began with the removal of tile flooring down to the sub floor, any damaged subfloor, tile walls, tub deck, bathtubs and shower area down to studs. Additionally, new plumbing was installed for new fixture locations as well as new electrical.

End Result

The hallway bathroom was dramatically changed in almost every way. The layout of the space was swapped in favor of one that would provide a more spacious and efficient bathroom. The vanity and toilet were moved to the opposite side of the bathroom in order to make the bathroom more accessible and less crammed. Another notable change in this bathroom was the replacement of a built-in tub with a new, modern shower space. The shower floor was fitted with Hexagon Carrara flooring was Daltile and the walls were finished with Carrara tile as well. The shower space was also significantly expanded in size, which was a huge bonus for the customers.
Everything about the master bathroom was significantly changed as well. The more notable changes took place with the shower and bathtub areas. The large built-in tub with deck that had previously been taking up far too much space was removed in favor of a modern, standalone bathtub from Fluerco. The shower was significantly expanded in size thanks to the increase in space and also given a sleeker color scheme. This was accomplished with the installation of Frost Moka Uptown Glass shower flooring from Daltile and Ice White Color Wave shower walls. This really increased the brightness of the space and conveyed a much cleaner appearance. The color scheme of this bathroom was changed even more by the Wanderlust White Ambassador flooring, which added to the increased brightness of the space. The Global Gray Ambassador back wall that was installed behind the tub area contrasted these lighter finishes.
Both bathrooms’ color schemes were dramatically changed in favor of a more modern one. Also, the two bathrooms match very well and convey a tasteful and elegant uniformity in the house. The new, matching vanities and finishes of the fixtures match very well with one another. Also, the diligent and competent work of Regency will ensure that no other company has to come and fix any incomplete work. The residents are ecstatic with the work completed by Regency and will have the opportunity to enjoy these spaces stress-free for a very long time to come!

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