Bathroom Remodels in North Barrington, IL

120 Redwing Ln, North Barrington, IL 60010

Project Overview

About North Barrington, IL

This beautiful home can be found in North Barrington near the intersection of North Barrington Road and Miller Road. North Barrington is a very village of Lake County with a population of about 3,000 residents according to the 2010 census report. This is a very wealthy village with a median income of over $150,000 per family. There are a ton of great places to shop at in the surrounding area such as: Kohl’s, Lakeview Plaza, Target, Volle’s Bridal, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and more. There are also a ton of beautiful places to hang out outdoors including: The Commons Recreation Park, Eton Park, Zurites Park, Manor Park, and many more. North Barrington is a great place to live and raise a family with such a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

The Subject Property

The bathrooms of this home were in need of an upgrade in order to bring the style of these spaces up to level modern times and comfort. The residents were looking to change the color scheme of the bathroom while also making the space more functional and luxurious. Regency began this remodel with the demolition and removal of all flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, and drywall in order to replace the outdated finishes with elegant new ones. Additionally, new electrical was installed along the ceilings of the bathroom for the installation of recessed cans for increased lighting in the space without relying on bulky fixtures. The main goals of this remodel were to transform this space into one that is sleek, elegant, and more practical than the preexisting spaces.

End Result

Both bathrooms look incredible! Although the layout of the space was not changed much, there is still such a huge difference compared to the previous bathroom space in terms of style and comfort. Making several changes successfully changed the color scheme of the hallway bathroom. The bland flooring of this space was replaced with a white/black octagon with dot flooring from Daltile in order to spruce up the area and give it some character. The contrasting colors of the floor were beautifully blended with the help of the solid white quartz countertop and matte gray cabinetry of the vanity. Also, the shower walls were fitted with an artic white finish in order to maintain the brighter appearance of the space. This new bathroom was also fitted with premium, polished chrome fixtures such as Kohler ellipse hand shower and Grohe rain shower. An oil-brushed bronze Brizo lavatory faucet was installed in the sink in order to match the darker colors of the space and contrast the polished chrome.
The master bathroom was changed a little more noticeably in terms of layout with the addition of another lavatory sink in the vanity. This was enabled by the extension of the vanity, which created space for more counter and storage space. The color scheme of this space was transformed into a much more sleek appearance by changing to grey and white finishes. The main floor was fitted with dark grey exhibition tiles while the shower walls were finished with an artic white tile from Daltile. These color changes were seamlessly blended with the installation of the Luminesce quartz countertop, which contains white and grey colors. Like the other bathroom space, this new bathroom was fitted with elegant fixtures such as: white underscore Kohler bathtub, undermount Ladena Kohler sink, polished chrome Grohe rain shower, Kohler ellipse hand shower, and white Adair Kohler toilet. The changes successfully and diligently completed by Regency Home Remodeling completely converted these two bathroom spaces into elegant and comfortable bathrooms that the residents will relish and cherish for a long time.

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Materials Used


Items Vendor Details
Main Floor Daltile Exhibition – Dark Grey (Unpolished)
Shower Walls Daltile Artic White
Lavatory Faucet Grohe Three-hole – Starlight
Sink Kohler Ladena – Undermount
Bathtub Kohler White Underscore
Showerhead Grohe Rainshower – Cosmopolitan
Handshower Kohler Ellipse – Polished Chrome
Toilet Kohler Adair – White
Countertop Daltile Quartz – NQ75 Luminesce


Items Vendor Details
Countertop Daltile Quartz – Solid White
Shower Floor Daltile Keystones – Suede Gray
Main Floor Daltile Octagon with Dot – White/Black
Shower Walls Daltile Modern Dimensions – Artic White
Lavatory Faucet Brizo Siderna – Single Handle
Sink Madeli Undermount
Showerhead Grohe Rainshower – Cosmopolitan
Handshower Kohler Ellipse – Polished Chrome
Toilet Kohler Adair – White

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