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900 South Waverly Pl, Mount Prospect, IL 60056

About Mount Prospect,IL

This home is located in Mount Prospect near the intersection of East Golf Road and South Busse Road in Cook County with a population of close to 55,000 residents according to the 2010 census report. Mount Prospect has the motto, “where friendliness is a way of life”, which serves the community well as the area is known to be very welcoming and comforting. This area also has a bunch of great places to eat. Some of the noteworthy places near this home include places like: Draft Picks, Mina Restaurants, Qulinarnia, Retro Bistro, Fillini Restaurant & Pizzeria, Rosati’s Pizza, and so many more. There is also a fun night life with places such as: Summertime Jazz Café & Lounge, Karaoke House Nina, Pap’s Ultimate Bar & Grill, Ding Dong Dang, Emerson’s Ale House, and more. Living in Mount Prospect is great and so is visiting thanks to all of the great attractions in the area.

The Subject Property

The owners of this beautiful home were ready to make some big changes in two bathrooms in their house. Both bathrooms were ready for some major design changes as well as changes in color scheme. Essentially, the customers wanted to revamp their new bathrooms and give them a huge modern upgrade. Regency began by completely gutting both bathrooms, removing the flooring, walls, cabinetry, and all fixtures. Also, new electrical wiring was installed for the new recessed cans, which would be installed in both bathrooms. The main goal of this job was to convert two outdated and mundane appearing bathrooms into sleek, elegant and comfortable spaces that are more aesthetically pleasing.

End Result

The two new bathrooms look incredible! In the master bathroom, the most noticeable change is the spacious shower and tub with deck. The walls of the shower were finished with a Floretine Carrera tile and an artistic flare was added with an accent and niche equipped with Stone Radiance tile from Daltile. A convenient, short partition wall was constructed next to the toilet to give the room a sense of privacy. This bathroom looks so much larger and more practical thanks to the brilliant work and architecture of Regency.
The hallway bathroom was dramatically changed as well, but not as drastically as the master bathroom. The color scheme of this bathroom was completely changed by replacing the yellowish tints in the bathroom with white and blue colors. The shower walls and main floor were finished with a Kimona Silk White Orchard tile, which greatly increased the brightness and feeling of cleanliness of the room. Like the master bedroom, a pretty accent and niche shelf were installed with a Circuit Allegro finish from Daltile. The new lights also make both bathrooms much brighter and more welcoming. These bathrooms are much more practical now and provide a feeling of spaciousness as well as luxury. There is no doubt that the customers were overjoyed with the work completed by Regency Home Remodeling.

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