Bathroom Remodel in Prospect Heights

208 E. Marion Ave, Prospect Heights, IL 60070

Bathroom Remodel in Prospect Heights, IL

Amazing bathroom extension and renovations in the Prospect Heights neighborhood. This large single family home received complete bathroom makeovers in two areas of the house as well as high quality alteration work in the bedroom and hallway to complete the project.

The Job

In the master bathroom, renovations included beautiful Kohler accessories such as chrome shower heads and handles, chrome faucets and a white toilet to complement the Rittenhouse Square architectural gray 3×6 wall tile and matching bullnose as well as the Santino 6×24 chiaro floor tiles. All this impressive renovation work was combined with drywall and electrical work to extend the bathroom four inches into what used to be a first floor bedroom.

In the second floor bathroom, the existing appliances, electrical work, cabinetry and fixtures and tile in the tub area were replaced with features that the homeowner desired. We installed a ½” Cement Backer Board on the entire floor and tuba area, repaired drywall to allow the owner to sand and prime for painting and installed a new shower head and valves in the rejuvenated bathroom.

Project Summary

By using Regency’s Wholesale-direct program, the homeowners saved up to 50% on the cost of fixtures and materials purchased for their bathroom renovations.
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