Bathroom Remodel in Palatine, IL

1229 W Groh Ct, Palatine, IL 60007

Bathroom Remodel in Palatine, IL

The homeowner sought to update the existing first floor powder room with Regency Home Remodeling by creating a sophisticated and elegant look compliment to their home. Regency also deigned a custom built in wall unit in the master bedroom to house the television a provide added storage space


The project was a fast paced job involved removal of the existing wallpaper, drywall and to install new drywall, and new bathroom fixtures including a wall niche, a glass bowl vessel sink and a new vanity. The Master bedroom built in wall unit with custom cabinets and crown molding gave the bedroom a truly customized look.

End result

Another bathroom remodel in Palatine, IL completed by Regency Home Remodeling on time and within budget!

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