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1014 Elmwood Ave, Evanston, IL 60202

About Evanston, IL

This home is located in the historic city of Evanston, IL. Evanston is known for many things, however, being home to Northwestern University is one of the most popular. Northwestern is a private research university that receives more than $650 million each year for sponsored research studies. Along with the prestigious higher education, Evanston is also home to a very successful public school system. Residents of Evanston and surrounding areas are attracted to the small city because of its variety of dining it has to offer. Some of the most popular restaurants include, The Stained Glass, Pete Miller’s Seafood, Oceanique, and Chef’s Station.

The Subject Property

The property owners of this Evanston home were interested in updating their powder room and master bathroom. Both bathrooms had become boring and dated to the customers, so they wanted to bring life back to them and make each space somewhere they would look forward to spending their time in. Essentially, they wanted to keep the same layout in each space, however, they wanted to change every aspect of them- vanities, tiling, fixtures, etc. The main goal of this renovation was to create two bathrooms that would work better for everyday life, while making them look elegant and sleek.

End Result

Both of these spaces have a beautiful new look. The powder room was significantly changed in terms of style. You will notice right away the new tiling throughout the area. For the floors, Regency installed Blanc Linen Fabrique- a modern looking tiling that will keep this space fashionable and sleek. As for the walls, the bottom half is Carbon Elevare while the top is matching Bullnose. The contrast between these colors give this bathroom a clean feel while also giving it more life.

The master bathroom is where you will see dramatic changes. The most notable change is the overall color scheme. The black and white appearance is very modern and clean. To achieve this, Regency began by installing a White Shaker Style vanity with a Star Gazer Quartz countertop. Two large mirrors were installed above the double sinks that allow for the bathroom to appear much bigger than it actually is. For the floors, Regency installed Polka Dot Gloss Retro Rounds tiling throughout the bathroom, including in the shower, with Matte Lunar Elevare tiling on the shower walls. For added luxury, stainless steel fixtures were installed such as the faucets, shower head, vanity knobs, door handles, and shower handles.

Overall, the renovations in these bathrooms came out absolutely phenomenal. The designs of each are very tasteful with creative touches that make them unique. These bathrooms will be a joy to use for this family and to anyone who uses them.

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