Bathroom Remodel in Edgewater

6033 North Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60660

About Edgewater, Chicago

This home is located in Edgewater, Chicago, which is a lakefront community on the North Side of the city. Edgewater is located on prime real estate on Lake Michigan nestled between Loyola University of Chicago and Foster Beach. Being located in this area, there is never a lack of fun things to do. The popular locations for food include: The Growling Rabbit, Indie Café, Pete’s Pizza & Bakehouse, Alice & Friends’ VeganKitchen, Ethiopian Diamond, Flaco’s Tacos, and more. Some of the popular shoppinglocations nearby include: Alamo Shoes, Chicago Dance Supply, Andersonville Galleria, RAD Vintage Clothing, Akira, Trillium, Presence, and so many more.

The Subject Property

This bathroom was in need of a rejuvenating remodel in order to ensure that the homeowners were excited to start their day in this space every day. The customers had become bored with their bathroom space and wanted to make some dramatic changes. Regency began this remodel with the demolition and removal of all cabinetry, fixtures, wall tiles, flooring, and entire tub area. The owners wanted to swap out their standard tub for a more modern, tile floor shower that would increase the usable space and make the area feel much more spacious. Additionally, Regency installed electrical wiring along the ceiling for the installation of two waterproof recessed cans above the shower area to significantly increase the brightness of the space. The goal of this remodel was to revamp the space in favor of one that is more stylish, modern, and significantly more practical.

End Result

This new bathroom space is so much more spacious, warm and inviting than the previous space. The new Artisan Brown Sparkle Keystones shower floor matches beautifully with the Fidenza Café wall tile from Daltile. These brighter finishes are seamlessly blended to the darker Acacia Valley flooring and darker cabinetry with the installation of the Endeavors Tambura accent that runs horizontally throughout the shower as well as above the vanity. The new fixtures are classy and tasteful. These include the California lavatory faucet, showerhead, hand shower, and Kohler Ladena sink. Overall, this new bathroom space is going to provide so much added joy and reduce stress for the users with its elegant style, spacious layout, and modern features.There is no doubt that the customers will look forward to using this new space every day!

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