Bathroom Remodel Deerfield, IL

Regency Home Remodeling knows that your Deerfield bathroom is the workhorse of your home. Let us help it work better by making it an efficient space, but also a beautiful, relaxing place. With more than 40 years’ experience, Regency has the knowledge and the expertise to turn your bathroom into the haven of your dreams, working with you from start to finish.

Bathroom Remodel Deerfield IL

Complete Bathroom Design & Build

for Homeowners in Deerfield, IL

Begin with our free in-home consultation, where we will show you how we can bring your vision to life, with a to-the-penny cost estimate. Let our talented designers show you different ways to add functionality as well as beauty to your Deerfield bathroom. Then let us work with you to make a space that is totally you—and totally what you want. Transform your dated tub into a luxurious spa shower, or completely alter the room’s footprint and add space and storage that works for every member of your family. Select your finishes and products from our top-tier materials providers at factory-direct savings or shop around to select on your own.

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Then let our experienced builders create the dream, bringing your project in on time and within budget. That’s where Regency truly shines. Once your timeline is set, our dependable, certified installers will make sure everything gets done on time and perfectly, with no stress, mess, or fuss. And you will find no surprises in cost, either: your remodel will come at your exact Regency price. Our total dedication is to you and your satisfaction, so give us a call. We are ready to learn your needs and transform your outdated Deerfield bath into a place of comfort and even luxury, all within your budgetary requirements.

Deerfield Bathroom Remodel

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