Basement & Bathroom Remodel in Highland Park, IL

877 Timber Hill Rd, Highland Park, IL 60035

Project Overview

About Highland Park, IL

This home can be found in Highland Park near the intersection of County Line Road and Green Bay Road. Highland Park is an affluent suburban city within Lake County with a population of close to 30,000 residents according to the 2010 census and a family median income of close to $120,000 per year. Some of the notable shopping locations in Highland Park include locations such as: Style Hunters, Marshalls, Northbrook Court shopping center, Old Navy, Neiman Marcus, and countless others. There are also a ton of great and popular restaurants including: P.F. Chang’s, Di Pescara, Next Door Bistro, Jimmy John’s, Merlo’s, Corner Bakery Café, and many more.

The Subject Property

These homeowners were ready to finish their basement in order to make the space usable for more than just storage. They wanted this space to be converted into an area where people could hang out, entertain, and relax. Also, the customers enlisted the services of Regency in order to give two of their bathrooms a modern upgrade in favor or a sleeker style. This job was started with the demolition and removal of all paneling and drywall surrounding the staircase, all tile and fixtures, and also the partition wall separating the bathroom from the rest of the basement in order to extend the size of the bathroom. The purpose of this job was to create a basement space that would be uniform with the rest of the house in order to significantly incr

End Result

The new basement space is like night and day compared to the preexisting space, which was only being used for storage. Aside from the removal of all the clutter in the basement, one of the notable changes is the new drywall and flooring. The Castle Rock Avondale flooring that lines the main basement floor and bathroom floor help to create the uniformity and modern appearance that the customers were hoping for. The new, blue drywall covering the wood studs in the basement really completes the finished look of the basement and also adds a nice color scheme. The two bathrooms also look amazing! The basement bathroom was significantly increased in size by removing and extending the location of the partition wall. This change enabled a large increase in the size of the shower as well as the bathroom as a whole. The new shower floor and walls are lined with Carrara Florentine tile from Daltile. Also, a beautiful brushed nickel Grohe showerhead was installed in order to make the shower more functional and efficient. Regency competently and skillfully surpassed all expectations with this remodel by creating a space that this family will love to use and hang out in.

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Materials Used


Items Vendor Details
Main Floor Daltile Avondale – Castle Rock
Shower Base & Walls Daltile Florentine – Carrara


Items Vendor Details
Main Floor Daltile Avondale – Castle Rock

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