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Green Oaks, IL

Green Oaks is a village located within Lake County and is part of Libertyville Township. Green Oaks is a very small village with a population of less than 4,000 residents and encompasses only about four square miles of land. With a median income per household of over $120,000 per year, this village is a very affluent community as the median income is over two times the national average.

The village was first known as the Village of Oak Grove, before being changed to Green Oaks in 1960. The village was founded with an interest in maintaining a barrier between the intense urban and industrial expansion of the neighboring areas. The population grew rapidly in spite of the city’s best efforts to control population growth, which continues to be a challenge in maintaining the high standard of living that appeals to the residents of Green Oaks.

There are many fun things to do in Green Oaks and the surrounding area of Libertyville Township. Some of the most notable attractions include: Independence Grove Forest Preserve, Lake County Forest Preserves, Lambs Farm, Aloha Falls Miniature Golf, and more. There are also great restaurants such as: Firkin, Ristorante Bottaio, Milwalky Trace, and more. Residents and visitors from the surrounding areas enjoy the shopping found in the area, which includes stores like: MainStreet Libertyville, The Runner’s Edge, Full Disclothesure, and more. Based on all these stores, restaurants, and fun activities to engage in, Green Oaks is obviously a great place to live and visit!

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