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Glencoe, IL

Glencoe is a village located in Cook County with approximately 9,000 residents. The village is located on the North Shore about 19 miles North of the Loop and has a very high median household income of over $170,000 per year, which makes sense because of the prime real estate located in this community. The village is located on the West side of Lake Michigan and is surrounded by upper income communities such as: Highland Park, Northbrook, and Winnetka.

Initially inhabited by the Potawatomi before Gurnee and other investors purchased the land in 1867. Glencoe was officially incorporated in 1869. The population steadily grew in Glencoe and the surrounding areas until the 1950’s, when the population began to increase more rapidly. The population continued to grow until 1970, when the population reached its peak at over 10,500 residents. Since then, the population has declined as the residents maintained an income of the highest in the state and in the country.

Glencoe is known to be a wonderful place to live for so many reasons. The most noted reason is probably the tremendous education apparatus in place. Students living in Glencoe are able to attend New Trier High School, which is recognized as among the best high schools in the state. Glencoe is also known as the setting for several films in popular culture including: Risky Business, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, and more.

Residents living in Glencoe as well as visitors from surrounding areas love to visit places such as the Chicago Botanic Garden, which is a 385-acre living plant museum. It was opened in 1972 and is owned by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. Over 50,000 people are members of this public garden, which is the largest membership of any U.S. public garden and is also Chicago’s 12th-ranking tourist attraction. There are also great golf courses as well as fine dining and shopping. There is always something fun to do in Glencoe and it is always easy to relax in the beautiful atmosphere.

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