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Bannockburn, IL

Bannockburn is a small and affluent village located in Lake County. With a population of close to only 1,500 residents, Bannockburn is a small village and is not densely populated. The city of Chicago is an easy drive away being only about 30 miles south of Bannockburn. Most of the homes in Bannockburn are very large and luxurious homes with the average home value being close to $1,300,000. The average household income is over $150,000 per year, which is close to three times the national average. With the increased budgeting allowed by the city, Bannockburn has a spectacular public education system and maintains a very safe environment for its residents.

The first settlers to arrive and make Bannockburn their home were settlers from Ireland in 1835. Modern real estate began developing under an architect known as William Aitken, who called the area Bannockburn. The first homes to be constructed went up in the mid 1920’s before making an application to officially incorporate the area.

Bannockburn has an excellent public education system. Students are afforded the opportunity to attend Bannockburn Elementary School, which well known as the location that Michael Jordan’s children went to school. Many parents love to send their kids to this school because of all the individual attention they get. Bannockburn Elementary is a K-8 school with only 200 students. The ratio of students to teachers is less than 15:1. There is no wonder why many people choose to pay the increased taxes in order to leave in a very safe environment where children will receive excellent and individualized education.

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