Kitchen Remodel in Mount Prospect, IL

Kitchen remodeling in Mount Prospect, IL

Mount Prospect Kitchen Remodel

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209 S. Wa Pella Ave
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

About Mount Prospect,IL

This property can be found in Mount Prospect near the intersection of US Route-14 and IL Route-83. This village is part of Cook County and is approximately 20 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. Mount Prospect is known to be a vibrant community that is full of fun things to do and places to go. The location of Mount Prospect is very convenient as it allows for easy access to downtown Chicago as well as notable shopping malls such as Woodfield Mall, which boasts many popular stores and restaurants such as: Texas de Brazil, Akira, Aldo, Apple, Hugo Boss, Coach, Cold Stone, and so many more. Woodfield Mall is known as the 10th largest mall in the United States currently. With access to all of these stores and easy access to Chicago, there is no wonder why so many people are happy to call this village home.

The Subject Property

The owners of this home were ready to make a change with their kitchen. They were unhappy with their inability to entertain in the kitchen space as well as the lack of practical usage of the space. Also, there was not enough storage space due to a large, unnecessary soffit above the cabinetry with dated wallpaper. Cooking in the kitchen was not as convenient as it could have been, which led these homeowners to Regency in order to increase the functionality of their kitchen while revamping the entire appearance.

End Result

The new kitchen space is beautiful, sleek, and practical. The space was made much more efficient with the huge increase in counter space, which was topped with a beautiful smoke grey backsplash from Daltile. Much of the increased counter space came from the installation of a convenient island, which also acts as a table to entertain or enjoy a meal. The color scheme was dramatically changed with the removal of the obsolete, wood-colored cabinetry in favor of a cleaner, white maple cabinetry. The modern and luxurious sense of the kitchen is obtained with the installation of premium appliances including: a stainless steel refrigerator, oven/stove, dishwasher, and microwave all from GE. The new kitchen looks so much more inviting and appealing to cook in or entertain guests. There is no doubt that the customers were ecstatic about the result of their new kitchen and will remain happy with the new look.

Need a Kitchen Remodel?

If you want a kitchen remodel in Mount Prospect, IL call the experts in home improvement, Regency Home Remodeling at 1-888-997-4790.


Items Vendor Details
Cabinetry Regency White Maple
Herringbone-Ceiling Daltile Modern Dimensions – Matte Grey
Brick-joint Daltile Modern Dimensions – Matte Grey
Backsplash Daltile Laticrete – Permacolor – Smoke Grey
Refrigerator GE 22.1 Cuft
Stove/Oven GE Convection Gas
Dishwasher GE 24” 3rd Rack
Microwave GE 1 Cuft 800w


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